With the introduction of our new Way Library App, we've made some informative videos to help you navigate its quick and convenient features. Below is a video showing how to get logged into the app and what features you can expect:

Within the app there is also a new and convenient way to make Curbside Pickup a breeze:

If there are any further questions about the app, contact our tech department at 419-874-3135x354.



What is "5G"? - In an age of ever evolving technology and media buzzwords, let's take a moment to break down one of the emerging trends in wireless technology - 5G. This helpful guide will explain what 5G is and help you understand how it affects you, and what it means for current and future wireless devices.


Digital Vision Board - Introduction to Canva - Ready to make a change for the upcoming new year?  Follow along with our handouts on how to use Canva.com to make a digital vision board for your 2021 goals.  Canva.com is a free to use graphic design tool with templates and more.  We created a handout on how to sign up for Canva and get started with some basic features.  Then you can follow the guide on how to use those skills to make your own digital vision board to print or save on your computer to keep your goals in view. 





Adam Marier, Technology Specialist, is creating a series of instructional videos geared towards helping you learn to use our best online resources.  He is constantly working on new videos, so check back soon for more.  All can be found on our YouTube channel.

Intro to the Kanopy App: On their website Kanopy says, "The films that truly resonate with us do more than just entertain. They inspire us, enrich us, and challenge our perspectives." In this video Adam walks you through setting up a new account and navigating the service. He covers unlimited viewing on the kids channel and options like "My Watchlist" on the main channel.

Intro to The Ohio Digital Library: In this video, Adam walks you through signing-in to and using the Ohio Digital Library with just your library card. 

Learning Hoopla Digital: In this video, Adam walks you through the Hoopla App and website. Hoopla has a vast collection of “always available” content (meaning no holds!). 

Getting Started with the Libby App: If you’ve used the Overdrive App and loved what it offered but found it to be hard to use, the Libby App may be for you. In this video, Adam walks through using Libby- a faster, easier version of Overdrive. 

The Technology Department wants to remind you about all of our fantastic (free) digital services! You can find the services and their links here: https://digital.waylibrary.info/

You can find more videos on our youtube channel. Visit https://www.youtube.com/user/WayPublicLibrary/ for additional instructional videos, storytimes, and more!