Welcome to the Local History Collection

The Local History collection at Way Public Library is the repository for all things unique to the history of Perrysburg and the surrounding area. From here you can see many of the sources we have to facilitate your search for knowledge about ancestry.

Included in the collection:

  • Newspaper file on local topics from area newspapers
  • Bend of the River magazine (indexed)
  • Ohio Cues, Northwest Ohio Quarterly, Ohio History
  • Family histories
  • House history files
  • National Register of Historic Places
  • Maps and atlases
  • Pamphlet file
  • Historic photographs of people and places
  • Local Church Records
  • Local Telephone Directories
  • Perrysburg high school yearbooks

Locally built database that includes:

  • Digital Photo Collection
  • Digital Newspaper Collection
  • Vital statistics: Births, Obituaries, and Marriages from the local newspapers
  • Newspaper Index: A name and subject index from the Perrysburg papers, starting in 1836
  • Bend of the River Magazine: name and subject index from 1995 to the present.
  • Ohio Cues: name and subject index from 1985 to the present (this is the publication of the Maumee Valley Historical Society).

Way Collection: the personal library of Willard V. Way, a citizen who willed the original endowment to the library

  • Exchange Hotel registers (beginning in 1865)
  • Front Porch Oral History series, created by the library to preserve the oral histories of many of Perrysburg's current residents.
  • Library of Congress Veterans History Series, videotapes interviews of area service veterans recounting their experiences in the military.
  • We are also in the project of developing a Photo Restoration Project. Our online local history project makes available a collection of photographs that have become too fragile for the general public to experience first hand. Placing them online makes them accessible to everyone.