For those who want to learn independently, Way has a wide variety of computer books available for checkout. Way also offers Northstar Digital Literacy as a free online learning tool, thanks to generous support from the Institute of Museum and Library Science and the State Library of Ohio.

If you prefer guided learning opportunities, Way offers unique programs and classes throughout the year.

Technology Workshops

You can find a list of all of our programs here. You can see a calendar of just technology workshops here.

Get Your Head in the Cloud! Part 2: iCloud, and Dropbox, and Google Drive, Oh My! - Tuesday, May 23 @ 6pm
Do you have an iPhone, a Gmail account, or use OneDrive? Or maybe some combination of all three? What is "Cloud Storage", why does everyone offer their own version, and why don't any of them work well together? In this second part of our three-part "Get Your Head In the Cloud!" series, we will discuss what Cloud Storage is, what each company offers, and which one(s) are right for you. General questions will be answered during and after the presentation. No registration is required.

How to Avoid Online Scams - Presented by the BBB - Tuesday, June 6 @ 2pm
The internet can be an overwhelming mix of positive and negative. Join us at Way as a representative from the Better Business Bureau of Northwest Ohio comes to discuss the best way to steer clear of threats when online or checking email. Learn about the tools available through the BBB to help you avoid scams or to report possible scams. No registration is required.

Get Your Head in the Cloud! Part 3: Using the Productive Power of the Cloud - Tuesday, June 6 @ 6pm
The Microsoft Office Suite has been a productivity staple for over 3 decades at this point, and has had its fair share of evolution since those early days. It's now available in the cloud as the Microsoft 365 platform, but what if you don't have access to their product, or want a more affordable option? In this third and final part of our "Get Your Head in the Cloud!" series, we will discuss the productivity tools available - paid and free - that don't require downloading any software, but simply having an internet connection. No registration is required.

Computer Classes

Way also repeats a series of hands-on computer classes throughout the year. This series occurs approximately 3 times each year. Currently scheduled computer classes are listed below; click the links for more even information and registration. Registration will open two weeks before the event.

Intro to Computers and Windows 10: Tuesday, June 13 @ 2:00pm
Learn the basics of using a computer and Windows 10. We will cover powering on and powering off a computer, the different parts of a personal computer system, navigating Windows' Start menu, accessing settings, and more.

Intro to the Internet: Tuesday, June 27 @ 2:00pm
Learn how to use an internet browser, Google Chrome, to get around on the World Wide Web. Topics covered in this class will include Internet Safety, Google, Way Library Catalog, Library Databases, Blogs, and much more.

Intro to Microsoft Word 2016: Tuesday, July 11 @ 2:00pm
Learn to use Microsoft Word to draft everything from a resume to a letter to your congressperson. This class will cover the very basics of word processing, such as learning correct typing methods, error correction, and text formatting, saving and opening documents, and inserting pictures and clipart.

Intro to Microsoft Excel 2016: Tuesday, July 25 @ 2:00pm
Learn the basics of using Microsoft Excel 2016. Attend this class to learn about Cells, Workbooks, cell formatting, functions, and equations. We will create a simple budget complete with formatting during this one and a half hour class.

One-on-One Tech Help

Way Library is offering one-on-one in-person tech help. Appointments can be scheduled in 30-minute intervals on Tuesday mornings, Wednesday evenings, and Thursday afternoons. Appointments can be scheduled at the following link:

Northstar Digital Literacy

For more information on Northstar Digital Literacy training, follow the link below:

Northstar Digital Literacy