As a service to our patrons, the meeting rooms of Way Public Library are open for use by the community if they are not needed for library programs. The primary function of the meeting rooms is to promote the library's mission.

As a response to the Covid-19 pandemic, certain rules changes and restrictions have been put into place. Please carefully read these changes before submitting a reservation request.

Effective January 1, 2015:  The pricing structure of meeting rooms and rented equipment has changed.  Please review this policy carefully.  If you are a paying customer, we now require that you view, sign, and return our policy to us before booking a room or equipment.

You can download a PDF version of our policy here: Meeting Room Policy

You can return the completed signature page to Rachel Henck Bentley by email, fax, or library Circulation Desk.

Rachel Henck Bentley
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Fax: 419.874.6129

Way Library has six meeting rooms on the lower level of the library, each of which can seat 25 or fewer people. Meeting Rooms A, B, C & D, offer expandable partitions which allow an individual room to open up into two rooms to accommodate 50 people, three rooms to seat 75 people, or all four rooms for 100. We also offer Conference Room 1, which seats up to 16 people, and Conference Room 2 which seats up to 10 people.
Educational, cultural, informational and civic groups are encouraged to use the rooms for their meetings. Groups showing proof of non-profit (501c3) status will not be charged. If space is available, other groups or businesses may rent an individual room at the following prices: Meeting rooms A, B, C, & D and Conference Room 1 are each $50.00 per room. Conference Room 2 is $25.00. 

Added rules to address the Way Library's response to COVID-19:

1. All rooms are provided with a bucket of cleaning supplies and a list of high touch surfaces to be cleaned. Patrons are responsible for cleaning the rooms before and after use.
2. Masks must be worn inside the meeting rooms at all times. If any patron using the room is seen by staff without a mask, they will be asked to vacate the room immediately.
3. Food is not allowed in the meeting rooms. Patrons may bring in a drink, but masks must still be prioritized during room usage.
4. Patrons can book a room of a maximum of 2 hours per day. Reservations should be made online at Patrons will receive a confirmation email that should be shown to the circulation desk to have the room unlocked. The responsible party who books the room must be the one to show confirmation of reservation to staff. This person must also be in attendance during the allotted reservation time.
5. Meeting rooms have a limit of 4 people maximum during a reservation. Staff have the right to ask patrons to vacate the room immediately if there are more than the maximum amount of people.

The Meeting Room Policy of Way Public Library is as follows:

1. A group cannot charge people who attend the meeting, although a material fee for educational workshops is acceptable.
2. The rooms are available on a first-come, first-served basis. The responsible party who books the room must speak with the staff member in charge of booking the meeting rooms. This person must also be in attendance during the allotted reservation time. All groups must check in and check out at the Circulation Desk at the time of the meeting.
3. Groups who do not qualify for free usage must pay in advance of the meeting. The responsible party (an adult) will be invoiced at the time the room is booked.
4. To serve as many groups as possible, the room may not be reserved for more than two consecutive meetings or two months in advance, whichever is the shorter period.
5. Meeting rooms are not available for private parties or receptions.
6. Political parties or groups may meet for public forums, debates or candidates' nights, but not for the promotion of any one candidate or issue. Rooms are not available for individual or commercial concerns such as soliciting or running a business.
7. Cancellations must be made within 24 hours of the event; otherwise, the group is responsible for the rental fee.
8. Meetings can be held during the library’s standard hours of operation. The rooms are not available when the library is closed.
9. All efforts are made to honor reservations, but the library retains the right to cancel scheduled meetings if the need arises. As much notice as possible will be given.
10. The library reserves the right for good cause to deny a meeting room reservation or to waive a regulation. Preference is given to local groups whenever possible.
11. The group/responsible party agrees to take responsibility for any damages to the facility or equipment as a result of the group's activities.
12. Light refreshments may be served, but the room must be left in the condition it was in prior to the meeting. Groups must bring their own paper products. No red pop or alcoholic beverages are allowed. The library is a non-smoking facility.
13. If a morning meeting extends more than four hours, an additional $25/$50 room charge will take effect, depending on the room rented. If a group books one room for the afternoon and evening or for the entire day, the charge is $50/$100, depending on the room rented.
14. There is a $100 charge to rent the Gallery outside the meeting rooms. If all rooms are booked, use of the Gallery is included in the $200 fee. Non-profit groups or other groups using individual rooms should contain their activities to the room itself.
15. Groups are responsible for arranging the furnishings as suited for their meeting.
16. The kitchen may be rented for $20. The coffee maker and kitchen equipment may be used if the kitchen has been rented.
17. A different fee structure and policy applies to the rental of the library's technology lab. Call (419) 874-3135 extension 106 for more information.
18. The library board is not responsible for accidents, injury or loss of individual property occurring during use of the rooms.
19. Audiovisual equipment should be reserved at the same time a reservation is made. If the group will need training to use the equipment, this training should be scheduled prior to their meeting as help may not be available during the time of the booking. All rooms have dry erase boards. Meeting Rooms A, B, C and D have wall-mounted televisions with windows based computers attached. Keyboards to access these computers may be requested at no cost. Additional equipment, such as Blu-ray players, lecterns, projection screens, cables, and more may be available for use, but must be reserved prior to the meeting.
20. The library board neither approves nor disapproves of the content, subjects or viewpoints of individuals or groups using the meeting rooms.
21. Publicity of events being held at the library is the responsibility of the group sponsoring the event. The event should be publicized to reflect the library as a site, but not a sponsor of the activity.
22. No decorations, posters or other materials may be installed or displayed inside or outside of the meeting room without prior library approval.
Adopted by the Way Public Library Board of Trustees – June 25, 2019