Children are always welcome and encouraged to visit Way Public Library.  While the library staff is concerned about children's safety and well being, they do not act in loco parents.  Parents and caregivers are responsible for monitoring the activities and behavior of their children. 

Children under the age of 7 may not be left unattended in any part of the library.  An exception to this would be children attending a library-sponsored program.  A parent or caregiver must remain in the library and meet the child at the end of the program.  Young children left on their own often become frightened or anxious.  If a young child is found without an adult, a staff member will attempt to locate his/her parent or caregiver.

Children ages 7 and older may use the library without an accompanying adult.  However, it is not in the best interest of your child to be unattended at library closing time.

Library hours are clearly posted above the door.  Closing is 8:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday, and 5:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday.  Please meet your child before these times.

Staff has been directed to follow the following procedure for children 11 and younger left alone at closing:

  • The Librarian in charge will attempt to contact a responsible adult.
  • If the adult does not arrive at the library within 15 minutes of closing, the Librarian in charge will contact the Perrysburg Police.  Under no circumstances will a library staff member transport the child.
  • Two staff members will remain with the child until the responsible adult or police arrive.
  • The child will be put in the care of the police.
  • The Librarian in charge will post a note on the front door indicating the action taken.

Thank you for your cooperation.
Revised 11/2002