Given the potential adverse effect on an individual’s fundamental right to privacy, it is reasonable for a library, as a Limited Public Forum, to regulate the use of cameras and other recording devices in a manner that preserves an individual’s right to library services free from harassment, intimidation, or threats to their safety, well-being, and privacy.

Ohio Revised Code sections 149.432 (A)(3) and (B) require that “personally identifiable information about an individual who has used any library service” remain confidential.  This would include recording a person’s image or presence while on library premises. Therefore, any use of cameras and other recording devices while on Library premises requires prior written permission from (1) the library administration, (2) the subject being photographed/recorded, and (3) the parent or legal guardian of any minor subject.

The sole exception to the requirement for prior permission is the recording of a public meeting of the Library Board of Trustees.


Adopted by the Way Public Library Board of Trustees –