This year, it’s more important than ever to have a powerful and precious tool in your possession—a library card. No matter your quest, a library card is your key to a vast world of useful information and knowledge.

During September, Way Library joins libraries across America in celebrating “Library Card Sign-up Month.” One Card to Read Them All is Way’s motto for this year’s campaign. Drawing on the Middle Earth theme, Way invites people of all ages to embark on their own reading adventures to unknown realms via a “precious” library card.

Getting a library card is free of charge for everyone in Ohio, and involves no unexpected journeys or hiring of burglars like Bilbo Baggins. A library card is yours for the asking, either in person at our Circulation Desk or online.

On Tuesday, September 22, Way will celebrate Hobbit Day, the birthday of Bilbo and Frodo Baggins. Any patron who visits the library dressed as a Hobbit or other Lord of the Rings character will receive a complimentary “Second Breakfast” (while supplies last). A Lord of the Rings themed pick-up-and-go craft will be available inside the library or via curbside delivery. Also, throughout September, the customary $1 replacement charge for a lost library card will be waived.

Anyone without a library card is encouraged to sign up and immediately start enjoying all the power and perks available to cardholders. A Way Library card is an all-access pass to many essential free resources plus millions of books, e-books, Beyond Books borrowables, databases, and countless other digital materials.

Whatever your quest—unlocking the secrets of knowledge, mastering a new skill, relishing an adventure, seeking merry entertainment, or just making the best of a pandemic—a library card can be your “precious” helpmate. Band together with Way Library and get your card today!

For more information, call 419-874-3135, extension 119. We remain at your service.