On the 3rd Saturday of the month from February through May, we will be hosting an Open Tinker Lab for patrons of all ages to come and create their own 3D models. Patrons can use our Technology Lab to make and slice their 3D design.

The Technology Lab has 12 computers available on a first come, first served basis.

Dr. Clay Carmody, Orthopaedic Surgeon will discuss the chronic conditions that affect your feet, the long term prognosis of patients following treatment plans, and current medical and surgical procedures that are available. Specific topics covered will be: Hammertoes, Flat Foot, High Arch, Stress Fractures, Bunions, and Callus. 

No registration is required for this free program. Registration is not required for this free program.

Will America maintain its military dominance in a hyper-connected, ever more globalized world? How might emerging technologies impact the nature of armed conflict? Has the definition and nature of war changed since the end of the Cold War? Former U.S. Army officer, Geoff Earnhart examines the continuities and changes impacting modern warfare.

This program is free and open to the public; no registration required.

In this three-session class, Dorothy Stanton will guide you as you  document your life story for your family and loved ones. She will offer examples, inspiration, and resources to get you started on this one-of-a-kind literary journey. Writing skills are not necessary. Please bring a pen/pencil and paper.

Register online or at the Information Desk.

Get valuable information on various travel operators available for group travel.  If you’re interested in cruising, Judy will inform you of the wide array of cruise options available, how to get the best prices, and how to find private day trips instead of paying for those high-priced ship's tours.

Registration is not required for this free program.

We will be learning to make 3D objects to print using the free modeling software Tinkercad. This class requires a basic level of computer skills. We will be designing an object in the class and patrons can have the model printed by one of Way Library’s Dremel 3D Printers.

Registration begins on Tuesday, March 3.

Way Library and the League of Women Voters of the Perrysburg Area welcome Patricia Y. Hernández, Senior Attorney with Advocates for Basic Legal Equality, Inc. (ABLE), for a presentation on immigration 101. In her presentation, Ms. Hernández will provide an introduction to our immigration system—the main ways that immigrants enter our country, the various statuses they may hold once they are here, and the struggles and barriers many face along the way. She will also address current immigration policy issues and answer frequently-asked questions.

This program is free and open to the public; no registration required.

Say hello to spring with a fun craft project. In this hands-on class, you will learn a variety of techniques to decorate six plastic eggs.

Space is limited. There is a $5 fee due at registration at the Information Desk.