A Spring 2018 Faculty Fellow at BGSU’s Institute for the Study of Culture and Society, Dr. Melissa Miller’s research explores the unique challenges faced by mothers of young children on the campaign trail using the 2018 election as a case study. A record number of women ran for elective office, and a record number won. Some of the most interesting campaigns were run by mothers of young children who emphasized their role as mothers on the campaign trail in ways never seen before. Miller conducted in-depth interviews with 17 individual “mom-candidates,” including those who were Republicans, Democrats, White, Black, Hispanic, Muslim, Protestant, Jewish, married, single, straight, gay, and from all regions of the country. “Moms on the Run” analyzes their on-the-ground experiences to reveal both the breakthroughs they represented and the barriers they nevertheless encountered.

This program is free and open to the public; no registration required.