battle of the beards logoPROCLAMATION BY THE MAYOR
Brothers of the Beard

WHEREAS, all Perrysburg and area residents are interested in doing their utmost to make our Perrysburg Bicentennial Celebration the greatest ever held in this part of the country, and
WHEREAS all of us are anxious to have the city look as it did 200 years ago and to reflect the struggles and sacrifices of our forefathers.
THEREFORE, I Michael Olmstead, Mayor of Perrysburg, do hereby proclaim that all males of the age of shaving enter our Bicentennial Beard Contest.
THESE WORTHY MEN shall henceforth be known as Brothers of the Beard and shall receive full and official recognition by me as citizens of the greatest honor.
ISSUED under My Hand and Seal this date of January 13, of the festive year of Our Celebration, Two-Thousand and Sixteen.

Michael Olmstead
Mayor of Perrysburg

Perrysburg Bicentennial Beard Contest Registration Form & Rules

In celebration of Perrysburg’s Bicentennial, the Way Library, along with the Bicentennial Committee and the Perrysburg Messenger-Journal will be sponsoring a community beard contest to take place during 2016. Open registration for the contest will begin on January 15, 2016.

To register, visit any of the following venues. Way Public Library, the Perrysburg Messenger Journal, Perrysburg Chamber of Commerce & Visitor’s Bureau, 105 W. Indiana, The Barber’s In at 129 West Third Street, O’Deer Diner at 416 Louisiana, and Fat Jack’s Bar & Restaurant at Country Charm. Forms will be available at all these locations. You can also register online. At the time of registration all entrants must be clean-shaven. A photograph of the contestant will be needed or taken to insure that no one gets a head start!

All entrants are required to live in the city of Perrysburg, Perrysburg Township or the Perrysburg School District. Those who work in the city of Perrysburg are also eligible. Each entrant will receive an official “Bicentennial Battle of the Beards” badge declaring them a formal contestant in the Perrysburg Bicentennial Beard Contest.

Beards will be put on the judging block Thursday, July 7, 2016 at 7:00 p.m. on the Commodore grounds to coincide with the weekly Farmers Market and Music at the Market that evening. There will a group of local celebrity judges, which will include several professional hair specialists. Contestants must be present for judging.

There will be five category prize winners: Each winner will receive $100 in prize money.

  • Longest Beard
  • Fullest Beard
  • Best Beard Age 21 or Under
  • Homeliest/Ugliest Beard
  • Most Unusual Beard (Color, shape, curliness, texture…)

Perrysburg will be having its Bicentennial parade at 10 a.m. on Saturday, July 2, 2016. To add a special spin to the fun and excitement of the beard contest, we plan to invite all contestants to ride on a special “Brothers of the Beard” float that is planned to take part in the parade. Entrants will be contacted with the details as we get closer to the date.