Doris SchuppYou may have recently noticed a big change at Way Public Library. The adult nonfiction section has been updated to a “Dewey Lite” catalog system, and this change couldn’t have been completed without the commitment of volunteer extraordinaire, Doris Schupp. Doris is a retired librarian and cataloger from the Kirtland Public Library near Cleveland, so this project was a perfect match for her skills. For many months, Doris arrived at Way Library twice a week and spent her entire morning updating the catalog and adding new spine labels to more than a thousand books. Now that this project has been completed, Doris regularly comes into the library to work on a variety of special projects.

Doris is the mother of 3 children and has 7 grandchildren. She stays very active and likes to take walks, attend Jazzercise class, and watch golf on TV. When Doris finds any free time, she loves to read. She likes to take home a stack of books each time she comes to the library! Thank you, Doris, for your important contribution to the Way Public Library!