Sue and KathySue Brotje and Kathy Donahue have both recently retired from professional teaching careers, but their paths had never crossed until they started volunteering at Way Library. Sue and Kathy now come in every Tuesday morning without fail, graciously accepting whatever challenging task they may be assigned. They have both actively participated in weeding books, shifting books, the Dewey Lite project, book sales, and numerous other special projects.

Sue and Kathy share a love of reading, for themselves and for the children they taught in their classrooms. In addition, Sue enjoys knitting, and Kathy enjoys classical music. Their commitment to the library is extraordinary and very much appreciated by all of the library staff. Sue recently commented that “Volunteering at Way allows me to stay in the world of books”, and Kathy said, “This is an opportunity for me to give back”. And, “giving back” they have done impressively!