Linda ClancyThere are four more weeks of winter. Have you thought about taking home a jigsaw puzzle to get you through the remaining chilly, winter days? The process of taking home the perfect puzzle is much easier now, since volunteer Linda Clancy has come on board. Linda has taken on the challenge of sorting, repairing and organizing all of the library’s puzzles, and the puzzle area is now neat and tidy.

Linda has been volunteering at the library since she moved to Perrysburg last year to be closer to her family. She previously worked for ten years at the Novi, Michigan library, and now she is sharing her expertise with us. In addition to organizing the jigsaw puzzles, Linda has done shelf-reading (particularly in the Mystery section), assisted with the DVD recasing project, and has helped to weed outdated books from the collection.

When Linda has a little free time, she enjoys reading and photography. In warmer weather, she enjoys perennial gardening and hiking along the Maumee River with her grandchildren, most often with a camera in hand. The staff of Way Library would like to thank you, Linda, for the significant contributions you have made. You certainly help to keep the library the hub of our Perrysburg community!