Annie ApelYou’ve heard of a match made in Heaven, right? That may be the best way to describe the unique talents of volunteer Annie Apel and the monumental task she has undertaken here at Way.

Library users who are familiar with our orderly shelves and neat public spaces may be surprised to learn that some areas behind the scenes were not quite as ship-shape. In particular, the book sorting room (where thousands of donated books per month are received and stowed) and the basement storage area (where holiday decorations and seasonal items are kept) were both in need of a major overhaul. That’s where Annie stepped in. She recognized the challenges, developed a plan, and went right into action! With her marvelous organizational skills, she classified and completely rearranged both areas. They are now tidy and easy to use. Boxes of books are sorted, labeled, and stacked, awaiting the next book sale, and a system is in place to keep the ball rolling. As her time permits, Annie continues to stop by to organize the incoming books. We can’t begin to thank her enough for volunteering to tackle such an enormous job and then doing it so well! She has also provided valuable assistance in other areas, including our TEDx event and Cookbook Club.

Annie works full time, but still finds time to volunteer for us and to help her friends and family organize. She also enjoys cooking and baking for friends, working on her house, and relaxing by a roaring bonfire.

Annie Apel, we salute you!